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Together, we can make a difference
Man Brothers is committed to integrating applicable environmental best practice into all of our business activities. We will work towards this through a program of continuous improvement throughout all of our operations with managers, employees and suppliers. Following the guidelines subscribed by ourselves and our clients.

  • We will adopt and develop practices regarding existing and emerging environmental issues that face our sector of service
  • We will conduct our activities in full knowledge of and in compliance with environmental regulations
  • We will minimize consumption of natural resources and wastage of materials as far as economically practicable
  • We will encourage awareness and commitment to improved environmental performance amongst our staff, our suppliers and our clients
  • We will carry out reviews of our environmental performance and review them annually

Man Brothers believes that environmental protection and the resulting benefits to the health of the planet are important values. We are committed to business practices that place a high value on conducting operations in an environmentally responsible manner.

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