Protecting Environment
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  • Regular scheduled truck maintenance and/or trade-ins to reduce harmful emissions
  • Practices to reduce emissions and fuel consumption
  • Use eco-friendly reusable stackable moving bins
  • Retiring moving bins after bins shows signs of wear compromising integrity giving them a second life as storage containers
  • Recycling tires, packing paper and cartons
  • Using re-usable quilted furniture pads and blankets
  • Recycling paper, cans, bottles, cardboard, toner cartridges and technology in our offices
  • Where ever possible striving to become a paperless work environment
  • Using cleaning agents that are eco-friendly only
Good maintenance means more efficient, safer and cleaner trucks. Man Brothers performs regular scheduled checks on its trucks. Harmful emissions are reduced by making sure tires are properly inflated and engines and moving parts are properly lubricated and checked for defect. Emissions testing is performed annually.
Best practices to reduce emissions and fuel consumption
Jobs are planned and scheduled when possible to maximize the route efficiency and reduce fuel consumption. Limiting our company vehicles engine idling minimizes exhaust emissions.
Re-use and Recycle
We reduce, re-use and recycle the material needed to complete jobs. Packing materials are made from cardboard and paper which is a renewable resource and these items are re-used as long as they are clean and free from defects. When their life is over, packing materials are recycled to be used to make new boxes and paper. Furniture is protected in storage and in transit using re-useable moving blankets. Biodegradable materials made from materials like cornstarch and recycled paper sludge are used in place of bubble wrap and foam. Tires, engine oil and batteries are also recycled.
Reducing our ecological footprint
Man Brothers encourages employees to go paperless as much as possible, for example: Electronic delivery of contracts, proposals and forms; print using both sides of the paper and to avoid colour printing; subscribing to online versions of newsletters, magazines and catalogs instead of paper; and, using the back side of old documents for note paper. Recycled stationary is purchased whenever possible. Recycling bins have been placed by every workstation, printer and high traffic area. Computer parts, cell phones and other technology are recycled instead of being sent to landfills where their dangerous components can have a lasting negative impact on the environment. Building temperatures are adjusted nightly to save energy. Outside air is used to cool the building when appropriate. Lights in the building are shut off nightly.
Future Objectives
In addition we are:
  • Evaluating our existing recycling program paying special attention to drinking cartons, bottles and takeout food containers and implementing further reductions in illumination whenever possible
  • Replacing all light fixtures and bulbs with new energy efficient technology
  • Donating items which are in good/safe condition that are no longer needed or used instead of simply discarding them
  • Promoting green packing to our customers through information and eco-friendly packing materials

Man Brothers Environmental Initiatives Program will be revisited in one year intervals or when and, if necessary, and revised to adopt changes in science, technology or regulations.