Space Planning

MAN BROTHERS SPACE PLANNING can assist in managing your inventory. For office furniture and systems furniture relocations and reconfigurations, we can aid in the management and placement of your office furnishings to maximize your office space utilization.

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Product ID-Management
  • Identifying and tracking inventory
  • Inventory allocation to designated job site
  • Determination of surplus
  • Assessing the need for new inventory when required
Project Management
Coordinate and oversee moves and installations.
Scope development
Establish a mutual understanding of clients needs, confirm the requirements
and what needs to be done.
Survey sites
Create floor plans to show existing and proposed layouts. Floor plans to reflect
the described scope of work and to highlight the planned work and areas within
the scope of work.
Product specification
Identify the products required to complete the project based on the new layout,
the allocation of on-site product, product allocated from other locations or general inventory, surplus, and required new products.
Keeping current
Provide revised plans/drawing if the scope of the project changes, if there are additional requirements or if there has been a change to the project’s budget.
Perform reassessment of project details, scope of work and any factors pertaining to the project.
Provide current comprehensive drawings that detail space planning and /or
workstation / office layout design based on client requirements.
  • Test fit drawings - showing possible layout designs
  • Preliminary layout drawings - for the client to approve and sign off on
  • Complete or revise floor plan numbering - as applicable
  • Installation drawings - containing relevant project and product information
    to be used for furniture installation
  • "As built" drawings - Provide final drawings after installation has been completed showing new layout
  • Floor plan drawings can be delivered in AutoCAD and PDF format
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